2- Octapharma AG is a large multinational company with its headquarters in Switzerland.  Using modern technology and stringent Quality Control process, Octapharma carries out plasma fractionation and purification. It has five fractionation  plants in Europe and one in Mexico.  Combined capacity of all its plants exceeds 2,200,00 liters of plasma annually.

Alpha Drugs has received permission to market Octaplex, Four factor Prothrombin Complex in India and the product was made available in the market at the end of 2015.  Albunorm, Human Albumin 25% is currently under the registration and targeted for launch by end of 2016.

3- Southmedic Inc. based in Ontario, Canada has successfully launched ground-breaking healthcare products to improve the quality of care for patients.  The R&D team at Southmedic has developed proprietary anesthetic and respiratory products. Their Oxygen mask brand named Oxymask is sold in countries all over the world. It provides patients with 24% to 90% oxygen without the claustrophobia a conventional closed mask is associated with.  Oxymask is available in India and is a truly ground-breaking and state of the art Oxygen Mask.

In line with our strategic goals Alpha Drugs has developed distribution agreement with the following companies to market their products in India.   

1-Bio Products Laboratory Limited(BPL) located near London, UK has been in the fractionating business since 1950. Its products are available in the UK and 45 other countries around the world. In the past 60 years BPL has invested much in research and technology to maintain its high product standard. 

Their key products available in the Indian market are Human Albumin, Anti-haemophilic Factor VIII and Anti-haemophilic Factor IX.

Our Partnerships